Pollen Burst Plus (60 tablets/bottle) (formerly Hepol)

Pollen Burst Plus (60 Capsules)

  • Formerly known as Hepol.



60 Tablets $46.00

To help support healthy liver function, there is Pollen Burst Plus, which is a proprietary blend that is marketed exclusively by ProJoba International. Pollen Burst Plus is a blend of organically grown pollen extract, essential enzymes, botanical Glutathione, SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) and Aloe Vera.

The ingredients found in flower pollen are the building blocks of plant life and therefore also the first link in the human food chain. Pollen’s biochemistry has been researched extensively. This research has identified over 3,000 different life enhancing substances in pollen, and pioneered the production of pollen extracts for the health conscious consumer worldwide. Pollen helps support many aspects of health.

Pollen Burst Plus contains a pollen extract of guaranteed purity. All stages of production of this are to pharmaceutical standards, including: selection of seeds, cultivation of the plants, collection of the flowers for the derivation of pure pollen and the subsequent processing of the pollen extract.