BioMatrix: Functional Support

The Support line from BioMatrix has transformed healthcare for thousands of clinicians and patients. These purpose-driven formulas can help restore healthy function by minimizing the impact of chronic stress.

Lab Guided Protocols


Are you a clinician looking for nutritional protocols to address the results of functional lab tests? BioMatrix has developed guidelines for natural treatment options.

Bioidentical Hormones


Highly absorbable bioidentical hormones derived from the steroidal backbone of the Dioscorea villosa wild yam root. Balance and restore hormone levels with the help of hormones and hormone modifiers.

Clinician's Choice

Targeted at preventing and resolving the impact of chronic stress, BioMatrix' distinctive formulas are designed to help restore optimal function of the critical body systems.

  • Efficacy validated by pre- and post- laboratory test data.
  • Therapeutic levels of nutrients derived from the highest quality sources available.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple supplements resulting in improved patient compliance.
  • Highly bioavailable even in compromised digestive systems.
  • Decades of clinical experience represented in each formula.
  • Trusted by thousands of health professionals and their patients since 1998.
  • Manufactured in FDA cGMP compliant facilities.